Planning Strategies and Solutions



Succession Planning
Buy/Sell Agreements provide a timely and organized means for business partners and in some circumstances, the sole proprietor, to transition value out of a business upon specific “triggering” events. The two most prevalent events that trigger the need for this transition are death or a permanent disability of an owner or key employee. Wealth Management Strategies can assist you in the placement of insurance policies that will satisfy the funding of your Buy and Sell agreement as well as benefits, which may provide for the smooth transition for the remaining owners.
Executive Compensation and Benefits  
Business owners offer compensation and benefits to their employees as a means of recruiting, retaining and rewarding good and loyal employees. However, those benefits may not be sufficient to attract and retain those individuals who bring specialized knowledge or skills. Additionally, business owners may be looking for opportunities to take greater advantage of programs that provide additional benefits for themselves. Wealth Management Strategies specializes in the development and implementation of compensation and benefit packages that meet the specific needs of the executive and business owners in mind.
· Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)
· Supplemental Leveraged Insurance Retirement Plans (SLIRP)
· Small group defined benefit plans for highly compensated
· Carve-out plans including section 162 Bonus plans
Wealth Perpetuation and Estate Conservation
At the end of the day, we toil and build an estate that ultimately needs to be distributed to the next generation. During our working years, we may have business partners who help us build value in the business. At death, the IRS becomes everyone’s business partner. Without proper planning, your estate may be vunerable to probate and estate costs. Wealth Management Strategies, as part of a strategic team, which includes your CPA, attorney and other advisors, can assist in creating strategies to help reduce IRS claims on your estate. We are focused on understanding your "wealth purpose" and developing strategies that promote greater wealth during your lifetime and for the next generation or charitable organization as desired by you.

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