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Three Pillars of Wealth

Living Wealthy, Redefined

A successful actor once said, “Everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed so they can see that it's not the answer.” Our strategies and solutions support the belief that true, sustainable wealth is defined by three pillars of wealth: Cultural Wealth, Community Wealth and Capital Wealth. Understanding and embracing these three pillars is vital to living a fulfilled life with others. We believe that Capital Wealth can ultimately and only achieve its true value when it is viewed as a resource to uplift and sustain the other two pillars. Here is how we define the Three Pillars of Wealth:

Cultural Wealth

How well do you know yourself? How committed are you to a set of principles and values that have been developed over time? Do you place a premium on integrity? Do you desire and seek a higher purpose in your deeds of labor and leisure? These are the things by which Cultural Wealth is measured. Your identity should not be defined by what you have but by who you are.

Community Wealth

Human interaction is fundamental to a civil society. Communities are the social construct which best promotes human interactions: schools, colleges, universities churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, fraternities, sororities, professional associations. All of these organizations are examples of communities to which individuals may belong. However, Community Wealth is accrued by intentionally investing one’s time, talent and treasure into those communities that one claims. It should be noted that our first and most primary community is usually family (by blood or by bond).

Capital Wealth

Financial viability is a valuable tool. It allows you to sustain a lifestyle and peace of mind while pursuing a purposeful life. Financial thrivability comes from long-term, disciplined planning. As you begin to thrive financially, Capital Wealth allows you to enjoy a desired lifestyle (buying a home, starting a business, raising a family, taking vacations). But when Capital Wealth is only viewed through the lens of being a conduit for asset accumulation then wealth becomes one dimensional. At Wealth Management Strategies, we want to help you create multi-dimensional and multi-generational wealth. When Capital Wealth is used to support Cultural and Community Wealth, we begin to move towards true Generational Wealth.

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